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We are one young team of ambitious sportfishermen in switzerland. We're at home in the "Berner Oberland", a region which is famous for it's great alpine landscapes. High mountains, cristal clear mountain lakes and small brooks and streams offer an unforgettable experience of flyfishing in this beautiful alpine nature.


We offer guidings for flyfishermen to experience exactly these alpine feelings. Don't expect big fish. But expect beautiful coloured, wild trout and the unforgettable surrounding of the swiss mountains. Mostly with dryfly, we can either show you wild mountain lakes far from civilisation as well as cristal clear streams.


But we offer also other types of guiding than flyfishing. Especially famous for the winter season are our icefishing guidings, which combine a snowshoe hike in the beautiful snowy Swiss mountains with the experience of icefishing on frozen mountain lakes.


Since our descriptions of the guiding offers are written in german only, it's easiest to just simply contact us if you wish a guiding.


Recommended accommodation

If you wish to experience the swiss alps with your fly rod, or maybe you even want to combine it with a guiding by us, we recommend you to stay in the hotel "Urweider" in Innertkirchen, Switzerland. This hotel is the perfect place to start a fishing journey since it is perfectly positioned right there where the swiss alps fishery begins! It's owner is a passionate flyfisher himself and can always give you good informations.



Hotel Restaurant Urweider


3862 Innertkirchen